Loveland, CO

After several years, and many beers, Luke Stromquist (co-founder of DLT) convinced co-worker Will Delmar to start a second Colorado chapter of Dads’ Liquid Therapy in Loveland, CO. Will naturally thought of his good friend and community pillar, Blas Estrada, to get the DLT Loveland chapter into liftoff phase. The goal? To continue to build community, raise more money for charity, and give even more Moms and children out there a night off. 

We loved the idea of DLT because it is just a bunch of guys getting together having some drinks and getting to know each other, not some sort of stuffy networking event. There aren’t any secret handshakes, chants, or Kool-Aid drinking going on here. We all naturally gravitate to guys that have similar interests, backgrounds, and goals. This group just allows us to get out of the house and into a bar/brewery in an organized fashion. 

DLT Loveland typically meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month, unless a national holiday gets in the way and then we usually bump it back a week. If you’re on the email list, we like you to RSVP to help the brewery/tap room plan ahead. Once signed up expect to get 1 or 2 email reminders for each event.  

As with all DLT groups there is no membership fee, just be sure to bring your thirst for some good beer (and sometimes whiskey or tequila), expect to make some new friends and don’t forget it is all for charity. Remember, so your loved ones don’t forget to send you out that night, be sure you put the event on both your and on the family calendar!