2nd Annual Holiday Party at The Whisk(e)y: A fundraiser for Homeward Alliance

DLT announces: The 2nd Annual Holiday Party to Beat all Holiday Parties!  

Again this holiday season we are partnering with the AMAZING folks at The Whisk(e)y and local charity Homeward Alliance (previously Homeless Gear). The goal? To provide desperately needed NEW packs of: socks, underwear, and t-shirts for the homeless men (dads or not) in Fort Collins. Here’s the stellar deal…

Bring 1 PACKAGE of socks and get a free 1 oz. pour of a GOOD whiskey.

Bring 1 PACKAGE of socks + 1 Hat and get a pour of a GREAT whiskey.

Bring 1 PACKAGE of socks + 1 Hat + 1 Pair of Gloves and get a pour of a superb RARE whiskey!

All this and the first beer is “pay what you want to charity,”  Holiday attire is thoroughly encouraged and yes, there will most likely be Christmas Karaoke (keep Robert away from the G-N-R Christmas covers).

As for sizes, purchase the same size of under garments that you wear so that there is enough variety to meet the needs of those in need.