Brunel and The Lavi Pa Fasil’s Group.

Thanks everybody that made it out last week for DLT at Jessup Farm Barrell House! I believe we had 20+ Dads and raised over $200. We combined that money this mooning with a loan we receive payment back on this weekend and made a new loan of approximately $700 to some fine gentlemen in Haiti! Well done Dads!

Brunel and The Lavi Pa Fasil’s Group

Brunel is a member of an associated institution where members save cash and get very small credit. With three other members, he wants to find a loan to buy farm supplies for their lands.

This loan will strengthen Brunel’s group as they will make other social activities together such as road works in their community. Borrowing through the partnership of Kiva and Fonkoze is the only economic alternative for people like Brunel. There is no presence of any formal banks in the area where he lives. 

Portrayed from left to right: Daniel (member), Dibranche (member), Jean Charles (member), Celondieu (member) and Brunel (leader).